Write your own book become a thoughtsmart author and change the world!!

Why, I love being a part of the thoughtsmart community it’s their culture I mean, they really thrive on sharing knowledge and helping people while creating growth opportunities and self-sustainability worldwide thoughtsmart is a company that markets community published books written by everyday people like this book (The laws of Sowing and Reaping in the World of Thought) which explains how the law works ,and how it is applied thoughtsmart uses an innovative marking system. Where its, authors can market their books throughout global communities using thoughtsmart to create self-sustainability and to share knowledge with the world get published with thoughtsmart it’s free,fun and simple.To get started send a copy of your manuscript to to order a copy of the laws of sowing and reaping in The World of Thought call 1-800-247-1461.


6 thoughts on “Write your own book become a thoughtsmart author and change the world!!

  1. Andrew boone says:

    It seems this is very purposeful (energy) because the brain is our Un tapped source of selfless allows you simply announce to paper in that which air cannot comprehend, yet your mind becomes visual for the world to see and explore.
    This is foundery


    • Hi Andrew,
      Very profound, within thought is wealth mind is un-limited and as you have mentioned it is an un-tapped source of selfless power, or endless innovation because its designer, created it in the image of internal mind.


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